Thursday, November 1, 2012

What? Is it REALLY November??!?!

It's been a few days, but with halloween buizzzness we have been SO busy in our spare time..  and work has been bonkers with it being Customs year end. 

First to say, my excuse for not running the past week has been hurricane Sandy, but low and behold... the hurricane hasn't had any effect on upstate new york in my happy little town. Acutally, we've had blue skies...but a 1st of the month is always a good reason to start over. 
       My heart goes out to all affected by the evil floods & winds.

I went to the dentist today and haven't been in 6 months, I walked in..

"Hello LeeAnn! How are you, you have lost weight since I've seen you last.. what's you'r secret?"

Welllllll, I wanted to say.. Mama L's fitness group on facebook, but that might make me seem a little weird.. so I simply said, counting calories, missing all the yummy foods I love, and running my ass off. (funny because I have no ass to begin with, all in my guttt)

I hope everyone has a GREAT start to Novemeber and make it count before that snow starts to fly... and put DOWN the halloween candy, I REPEAT put DOWN the halloween candy. Catcha ya ;)

Hope Everyone had a safe & fun Halllyweeeeny. 
My DR. Zombie & Witch Princess (before witch princess had her makeup on)

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  1. Haha cute pic!! Yay for people noticing your weight loss and for you not being in the path of sandy!!