Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Deviled eggs are my weakness.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable thanksgiving. 
Mine was good, lots of family, lots of laughs, and TOO much food. 
It all started with a platter of deviled eggs, I ate almost all to myself...
.. then it was a terrible downward spiral into eating myself into a coma.

So then the next day, I picked myself back up 
and went to the track at my old high school and did 3.0(ish)
well that night I went to bed feeling proud.. .
.. and then I woke up with my knee's on FIRE. 
I mean you could feel the heat coming off of those bad boys,
through my jeans sitting at my desk at work. 
I came home put my ass on the couch and iced iced (baby) and googled that shit all night..
it's called "runners knee"
maybe caused from weak thigh muscles, or your hips not being lined up right. 
LUCKILY its gone.. THANK YOU heavens.

I figured i'd let myself rest for a few days, and that ended up in flames, i need to realize resting does not mean eating msyelf out of house and home. 
Last night I ate dove chocolate and pringles for dinner.
WTF is wrong with me? lol

Today is a new day, I just started on my fitness pal,
Jilly and I have a 20 minute ass kickin' date tonight
& if im brave i might try to get a light run in (for my knee's sake). 

Cross your fingers, and wish me luck!

On a lighter note, the hubs & I got the kids christmas shopping done all in one shot and then we even went on a DATE! YES! a REAL date. 
Ahhh, the romance is still alive...
... and then we got home & 9:30 we were sleeping.
womp womppp wompp.

A day in the life... 


  1. Ouch! The knee thing does not sound fun! Glad it passed. Good luck with the new start!

  2. First off CONGRATS on doing the 5k i think you will love it and be so happy you did it!!! ANd YAY to a date night with the HUBSTER!!!! I love me some date nights!!!!