Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Daily blog's while I sip my coffee

Ry has been sick, and every and any mommy knows that when their baby is sick,
 their world stops. 
Poor little thing has double ear infection, double eye infection & a throat infection.
My, oh My.

Rylee on a regular day..

Rylee today, after her trip to the DR's..

& to think that girl is STILL smiling. 

I've come to the conclusion, im not a very good blogger.. I like to stalk, I mean read other peep's blogs.. every morning I get to work, load my e-mails, sip my coffee and get paid to read my daily blogs. I get so upset when my 'regulars' don't update daily.. hahahaha. 
I want to be a blogger superstar, but lets be real here.. aint nobody got time for that. 
I'm too lazy to post, I dont have good idea's, I can't remeber to take pictures of my food.. 
womp womp womp. I'll just keep doing my daily reads :)

and damn it, post daily people.. I need something to read during my coffee. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

My FIRST linkup with Holly & Jake


1. People always tell me, how perfect my daughter is. Clearly,  I know this.
2. In the movie based on my life, I want Roseanne to play ME! 
3. Typically, I end up regrettingeating burger king double cheeseburger meals couple times a week :-x
4. I always ask to leave off the toe-mae-toes. sick
5. Kim and Kanye really need to Who's Kim and Kanye? jk...stop filming their life. Kardashions weren't made for tv.
6. My Parents always reminded me that they loved me.
7. Every single day  I tell myself, I like my job.. I like my job.. I like my job.
8. This one time in College  I went to 2 for 1 tequilla night and wrote on my ex boyfriends vehicle drivers seat with sharpie... ahhh to be young, dumb, and drunk.
9. My grossest habit is  eating ranch like its a food group.
10. My latest white lie was when I told my husband I liked his v-neck tshirt.
11. I know all the words to  mmmm-bop. forward, backwords and sideways.
12. When I grow up I want to be I haven't figured that one out yet.. 
13. Sexy time is only if hes not passed out on the couch in front of family guy re-runs with empty snack contairs around him.
14. I will never, ever own a cell phone again!
15. I think it's hilarious when im scrolling thourgh e-cards on pinterest. 

Nice of you to show up, Spring.

Spring has Sprung.. 
the birds are singing,
the dog is shedding,
the kids are itching to play in the mud
and momma is itching to clean this mess of a house.

I am out of my winter funk, I think I have seasonal depresson
or some bull shit... hahaa, no really though. 
I always laughed when I was younger about that.. that shit is real. 
Karma is such a b-tch.

What is everyones fave part of spring?
I think I would have to say, the smell.. 
there is a certain smell that is outside when March rolls around, almost like the crispy smell that autumn has.
I love being able to go some where with the kids and it not taking a friggen hour for them to put on:
zip up the coats
tuck the pants into the boots
then they have to pee;
and we are back to putting on 

spring slip on a pair of rain boots or sandals. 
and mommy saves her patience before we get out the door :)

The one thing I HATE about spring is
esp when we have dogzilla with monster paws.

What puts the SPRING in your step?