Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My first VLOG!

Mornin' guys!
Welll, i did a video for Mama L's fitness club
but it won't let me load it on there :o(
Soooo... I didn't want to let it go to waste, since almost all my followers on here are from 
the facebook group. 
Sooo just pretend you are on Mama L's fitness group on facebook right now!
Don't mind my dogs collar tags clinking in the back ground,
oh, and dont worry how shitty it is...
... i'll get better :)
i hope

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Deviled eggs are my weakness.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable thanksgiving. 
Mine was good, lots of family, lots of laughs, and TOO much food. 
It all started with a platter of deviled eggs, I ate almost all to myself...
.. then it was a terrible downward spiral into eating myself into a coma.

So then the next day, I picked myself back up 
and went to the track at my old high school and did 3.0(ish)
well that night I went to bed feeling proud.. .
.. and then I woke up with my knee's on FIRE. 
I mean you could feel the heat coming off of those bad boys,
through my jeans sitting at my desk at work. 
I came home put my ass on the couch and iced iced (baby) and googled that shit all night..
it's called "runners knee"
maybe caused from weak thigh muscles, or your hips not being lined up right. 
LUCKILY its gone.. THANK YOU heavens.

I figured i'd let myself rest for a few days, and that ended up in flames, i need to realize resting does not mean eating msyelf out of house and home. 
Last night I ate dove chocolate and pringles for dinner.
WTF is wrong with me? lol

Today is a new day, I just started on my fitness pal,
Jilly and I have a 20 minute ass kickin' date tonight
& if im brave i might try to get a light run in (for my knee's sake). 

Cross your fingers, and wish me luck!

On a lighter note, the hubs & I got the kids christmas shopping done all in one shot and then we even went on a DATE! YES! a REAL date. 
Ahhh, the romance is still alive...
... and then we got home & 9:30 we were sleeping.
womp womppp wompp.

A day in the life... 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Signed up for my FIRST 5k.

You heard me correctly, my dear..
my happy ass will be running my FIRST 5k.
To many people it may not be a HUGE deal, 
but to me... i'm ready to take on the world.

not  ready!
proud... already.

It's going to be the frost bite run in Feb. 
..... send me all your 5k stories, tips, dos & dont's
I'd LOVE to hear them.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Jack excited for our run this AM.
We ran into the sunrise & it was beautiful...
I am not a morning person, 
so I get REALLY proud whenever I get up early enough for a run. 

I hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving, I know it's still a bit away.. but we are having an early thanksgiving this year @ my parents. 
My brother from FL is flying up, we haven't had a thanksgiving together in 9 years. 
My sister & her daughter are coming. 
My brother, and his wife & 2 tots are coming. 
I have a big family, so it's hard for all of us to come together.. 
BEYOND grateful this year. 

You don't realize what family really means until you hit a certain point in your life.. I could go months without even talking to my brothers, now if I don't hear from them in 2 weeks, i'm calling them up, all in their bizz. 
The first 3 men in my life, still to this day hold my heart. 

What is everyone else grateful for this year?
Mine is Family.

Does everyone weigh once a week? I try not to I feel like I get too frustrated? I do every 2 weeks, i'm acutally scared to get on the scale lately.. I shouldn't be, but I need to see progress to know that busting my ass is really paying off. 
Ho- HUM.. is being skinny this damn hard? lol.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Down in the dumps today. 
I can't stand sitting at work watching e-mail after e-mail flood in,
the time hasn't moved since I got here @ 8am. 
I want to go home, snuggle my babies & 
chug drink a glass of wine.

I'm not sure what got me into this funk, I have been eating great.. the scale has been working on my side lately. The hubs has been VERY supportive on healthy eating and me taking time out for myself, for running. I hope I can get to the bottom of it sooner rather the later.

I turned on Jillian lastnight, and turned her off.. my heart wasn't in it, and hasn't been.. i'm going to stick with running for as long as I can until the winter gets too harsh and then i'll go back in a fucken miserable relationship w/ Jilly boo-boo. 
All I want to do is run, I get antsy when the time rolls around to leave work and hit the side walk.. I don't know how this happened.. and I don't know when, but I like it. 

The hubs & I split a 6 pack of hard cider the other night & had a nice heart to heart,and he let me pour out my heart and soul about losing weight and finding myself again... 
I almost feel guilty that I am taking my time away from my kids, animals, house, husband.. to set out on mile runs... soak in the bath. I have never set so much time away for myself.. has anyone else ever felt like this? I would love to chat and touch base if so... 

We went to the top of a mountain to share some ciders & some alone adult time. 
cold as hell outside, warm as all in my soul & heart.

Monday, November 12, 2012

I do NOT own a cell phone. Is this real life?

I did it, I fianlly didn't totally fuck up a weekend by eating like a trucker.
Acutally, I ran my ass off & took the extra time to plan my meals. 
Last weigh in : 249
                                                                 This morning: 244

So I would LOVE to be one of the people who post what they eat and pictures all the time. But let's be real here.. I DONT have a cell phone, can anyone else believe that? 
My 3 and 6 year old both have ipod touch, and I don't even have a damn trac-phone.
I'm good with that, because when I leave the house nobody can call me, nobody can text me... I am free, and I have time for myself and what i'm doing. 
The hub's and I work opp scheldues for work so if im not at home, im at work, if he's not at home he's at work.. and on weekends, we want time apart so we dont need to talk to eachother. HA!
I acutally use my ipod nano to jog with.. that way im not distracted by taking pictures, answering text's, checking my facebook or planning my next meal on pinterest. 
(That's where my ADD would kick in and i'd forget I was suppose to be running)

Make up by Rylee Mae :)
Call & make your appointment ASAP she books quickly!!!

Have a great M0nday, you allllllll!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

FIRST ever before and after picture, dun dun DUN.

Halls cough drops, vicks & tissues are my world right now.
I'm slowly starting to get better, however now my kidlets are getting sick.. so that just means in time it will be passed back to momma bear. 

Lastnight as I was driving back from my run, I went through the list of WHY I want to lose weight, WHY I want to be healthy, WHY my children need me to be healthy, WHY I need to be healthy for my entire life..

1. I want to be the 'hot mom' (okay, maybe that SHOULDN'T be my #1)
2. I want to life a long happy healthy life with my husband.
3.  I will not force my children to take care of me because I am too obese to live my own life.
4. My dog needs someone to run with.
5. I will NOT buy size 20 pants anymore from gap.
6. I want to be able to shop @ express again.
7. I fucken hate most of the plus size clothes @ target.
8. I need this for myself, for my emotion's, for my mind, for my body, I need this to feel like me again... and i'm getting there!

I am offically down 30 lbs. BOOM.

July 2012
(don't mind my skinny hubby- isn't he cute though? )

November 7th 2012,

That picture was right after my FIRST ever 5 mile run. 
I cried, and cried and cried. 
Then took a muscle pic for you ladies ;)

The reason that keeps me going on my runs. 
Thanks my dude, you do more then you will ever know!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bunch o' blattyness

Good morning!
I am BEYOND sick this morning & sitting at work while my other co worker called into work because he was "sick." not COOL, co worker, NOT cool. 

So, I always get compliements on my kids, how well they behave, how polite they are, how quiet they are. But I don't see that? I see wild screaming messy rude little kids (good thing they are cute). I'm trying to turn my view on this because I REALLY REALLY want to see the good in my kids, I mean I do sometimes... but usually, I see wild wilder-beast. 
Does anyone else have this problem?!

Eating smart & my nightly runs have been going AWESOME. 
The week of halloween was not pretty impressive, however im wiping that off the slate because it was a big blur of sugar, mountains of candy wrappers and my kids saying
I reply;
"Go ask your dad, he loves them"
HAHA! However, I sent the rest of their candy with hubby to work for the men their to mow down on-I kept a little dish for the kidlets, and didn't keep any I like (oh wait I already ate it)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

What? Is it REALLY November??!?!

It's been a few days, but with halloween buizzzness we have been SO busy in our spare time..  and work has been bonkers with it being Customs year end. 

First to say, my excuse for not running the past week has been hurricane Sandy, but low and behold... the hurricane hasn't had any effect on upstate new york in my happy little town. Acutally, we've had blue skies...but a 1st of the month is always a good reason to start over. 
       My heart goes out to all affected by the evil floods & winds.

I went to the dentist today and haven't been in 6 months, I walked in..

"Hello LeeAnn! How are you, you have lost weight since I've seen you last.. what's you'r secret?"

Welllllll, I wanted to say.. Mama L's fitness group on facebook, but that might make me seem a little weird.. so I simply said, counting calories, missing all the yummy foods I love, and running my ass off. (funny because I have no ass to begin with, all in my guttt)

I hope everyone has a GREAT start to Novemeber and make it count before that snow starts to fly... and put DOWN the halloween candy, I REPEAT put DOWN the halloween candy. Catcha ya ;)

Hope Everyone had a safe & fun Halllyweeeeny. 
My DR. Zombie & Witch Princess (before witch princess had her makeup on)