Thursday, November 15, 2012


Jack excited for our run this AM.
We ran into the sunrise & it was beautiful...
I am not a morning person, 
so I get REALLY proud whenever I get up early enough for a run. 

I hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving, I know it's still a bit away.. but we are having an early thanksgiving this year @ my parents. 
My brother from FL is flying up, we haven't had a thanksgiving together in 9 years. 
My sister & her daughter are coming. 
My brother, and his wife & 2 tots are coming. 
I have a big family, so it's hard for all of us to come together.. 
BEYOND grateful this year. 

You don't realize what family really means until you hit a certain point in your life.. I could go months without even talking to my brothers, now if I don't hear from them in 2 weeks, i'm calling them up, all in their bizz. 
The first 3 men in my life, still to this day hold my heart. 

What is everyone else grateful for this year?
Mine is Family.

Does everyone weigh once a week? I try not to I feel like I get too frustrated? I do every 2 weeks, i'm acutally scared to get on the scale lately.. I shouldn't be, but I need to see progress to know that busting my ass is really paying off. 
Ho- HUM.. is being skinny this damn hard? lol.


  1. That's awesome that you'll get to see all your family this year. I have a big family as well and we're all spread out so it is always nice to get everyone together for the holidays.

    1. Yes! Holidays are usualy stressful, but I vowed this year that I am going to go easy, not crazy, and enjoy the together-ness of thanksgiving & christmas!

  2. Awe what sweet family pics!!! I think the older we get we realize how lucky we are with family ;) Yay for getting up for your run girl!!!! As far as the weighing thing I weight every day and write it on a DUNKIN DONUT (hahaha) calendar on my bathroom door! That way I dont get discouraged and i see on a daily basis how my body responds to things, but i only log weight on MFP when i actually loose it! hope that helps!!

  3. How great to have everyone in! Enjoy!