Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Down in the dumps today. 
I can't stand sitting at work watching e-mail after e-mail flood in,
the time hasn't moved since I got here @ 8am. 
I want to go home, snuggle my babies & 
chug drink a glass of wine.

I'm not sure what got me into this funk, I have been eating great.. the scale has been working on my side lately. The hubs has been VERY supportive on healthy eating and me taking time out for myself, for running. I hope I can get to the bottom of it sooner rather the later.

I turned on Jillian lastnight, and turned her off.. my heart wasn't in it, and hasn't been.. i'm going to stick with running for as long as I can until the winter gets too harsh and then i'll go back in a fucken miserable relationship w/ Jilly boo-boo. 
All I want to do is run, I get antsy when the time rolls around to leave work and hit the side walk.. I don't know how this happened.. and I don't know when, but I like it. 

The hubs & I split a 6 pack of hard cider the other night & had a nice heart to heart,and he let me pour out my heart and soul about losing weight and finding myself again... 
I almost feel guilty that I am taking my time away from my kids, animals, house, husband.. to set out on mile runs... soak in the bath. I have never set so much time away for myself.. has anyone else ever felt like this? I would love to chat and touch base if so... 

We went to the top of a mountain to share some ciders & some alone adult time. 
cold as hell outside, warm as all in my soul & heart.


  1. awww what a sweet pic! i have no kids yet but i can imagine the guilt...i feel bad leaving hubs for an hour while i go to the gym when i know he probably WANTS me to stay home and get a move on dinner. But he is sweet and just "snacks" till I get home and honestly never complains. But girl you are doing this to be a BETTER mama and wifey and you are on the right track, hopefully you will feel better much soon! Hugs!!!

    1. aw thanks.. im thinking of acutally going to get his fave locally brewed beer and a nice card for him to let him know i apperciate the extra effort he has been putting in! Thanks for the little pick me up :)

  2. I have been an emotional basket case and your post made me cry I can feel where your coming from, I'm in a funk too and wish it to be done already.

  3. Well im sorry you are bummy lately- but i'm glad to hear im not the only one! Hope you feel better sweetness!