Monday, January 14, 2013

First 5 mile run... ever.

‎"The things that we're afraid of are gonna show us 
what we're made of in the end"

 I put my mind to it, and I fucken nailed it! 
Call me old fashion, but I don't map my runs, I don't track my speed
or my distance... 
sometimes I like to just get up & go
I call Saturday & Sunday my "exploring" days, those are my days the hubs is home with the kids so I can just get lost on some back road i've never ran on before. 

I got home, and I was wiped out, I got in the car and drove my run to distance it.. when i pulled back in my drive way and the distance was 5.1
.. I cried. and cried, and cried.


The weather has been SO nice and unheard of for January up here.
@ 6am this morning it was above 40 degrees- say whaaaat. 

I'm taking the day off from running today.. no running, just gossip girl and my couch. 
& this girly- 
Leeann Bedard

Friday, January 11, 2013

buy one get one free

I have to give credit to all the mom's who handle a mini wolf pack of children.
I have one full time and my step son who lives with us 75% of the time.
I have no patience, I have no inside voice telling me to 'calm down'
I always thought I was gonna have a handful of kids and be playing baseball at the park with my own little team.... 
I have one, and that is all I need, and or want. 
End of story.
It was a buy one get one free with my step son,
My husband always has had his son, I met him when he was a year old.. 
He is now going to be 7. 
Don't get me wrong, he is mine
I wouldn't trade him for anything (enless..)

I never thought I was going to be the "strict" parent.. but I am!
I don't like yelling in the house, I don't like running inside that is for outside, I enforce the same rules in school, at home. 
Keep your hands to yourself, and listen when an adult talks to you.
Got it? Good.

Well, lately I feel like the wicked witch of upstate new york. 

They are the best of friends, 
and they fight like they are married. 
But they WONT seperate to play, read, take a bath, eat..
Maybe it's just the age? Maybe its my rules?
Do I need to ease up?

So if I stop posting its because im in a closet, pulling my hair out, eating fun size snickers and rocking back and fourth. 

Cheers to 3 & 6 year olds! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My big 3 year old- Ms Mae!

No words can describe this little girl,
amazing, engertic, beautiful, smart
The list goes on.. 

But, she has taught me something about myself and about the quality of life I want to live. She made me realize I need to get up and move, she made me realize I need to put the soda down and pick up the water, I now take vitimans, I go to the DR's when i'm suppose to, I try to get more sleep. 

She reminded me, I only have one life... I needed to stop being selfish and unaware and start living for the other people that live because of me. 

The best part.. she has NO idea she was the reason for 
such a wonderful life change. 
One day I will be able to thank her & tell her she IS my reason. 

What is YOU'R reason? 

Monday, January 7, 2013

what h20 taught me & a taste of my runs.

What h20 taught me.. 
-you are NOT as hungray as your bottomless pit thought
-it doesn't leave a bad aftertaste like sugary/syrupy drinks
-it makes skin glow (this is not pinterest liesss.. it's truth!)
-peeing more means more time OUT of the office ;)
-it saves you money on your bill @ the restraunt
-its the first step to changing your life to fat->fit
-you can buy all sorts of cute tumblers
 (and your husband cant say anything if you use them all )
-if you have water your germy little kids wont always want to drink it all on you
-and for me, it made something click, it made me realize that my body feels better slowly with little changes.


I have been running in below freezing tundra friggen weather.. 
I cannot wait until sprinnggggg. 

a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

"watch me"

I hope everyone had a wonder-FULLL holiday
I thought I would take the holiday time off, don't ask me why.. I know, it makes no sense, I set myself even further back.
I needed some time to STOP working on myself,
if that makes any sense? If not, to hell witcha ;)

I'm back..
I don't really have many 'goals' set for 2013, just a plan..
a healthy plan, not a diet, and not a fad.
I ended 2012, with a taste of what my 2013 will be.

At the end of 2012, when I got on the scale and realized, holy shit if I gain 25 more lbs I will be @ 300 lbs.
I didn't want to let myself go that far..
I couldn't put my finger on how I let myself get to that point.
SO.. I was going to do something about it.
I told my husband, he's heard it a million times..
so he shook his head and said "okay babe"
and I replied, "Watch Me."
I lost 30 lbs.

And i'm ready for more

At the end of 2012 I...

-stopped drinking soda
-started drinking some good ole h20
-got my ass off the couch
-started a racey relantionship w/ Jillian ;)
-started running my flat ass off

What up 2013... immmmm backkkkk ;)