Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My big 3 year old- Ms Mae!

No words can describe this little girl,
amazing, engertic, beautiful, smart
The list goes on.. 

But, she has taught me something about myself and about the quality of life I want to live. She made me realize I need to get up and move, she made me realize I need to put the soda down and pick up the water, I now take vitimans, I go to the DR's when i'm suppose to, I try to get more sleep. 

She reminded me, I only have one life... I needed to stop being selfish and unaware and start living for the other people that live because of me. 

The best part.. she has NO idea she was the reason for 
such a wonderful life change. 
One day I will be able to thank her & tell her she IS my reason. 

What is YOU'R reason? 

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