Monday, January 14, 2013

First 5 mile run... ever.

‎"The things that we're afraid of are gonna show us 
what we're made of in the end"

 I put my mind to it, and I fucken nailed it! 
Call me old fashion, but I don't map my runs, I don't track my speed
or my distance... 
sometimes I like to just get up & go
I call Saturday & Sunday my "exploring" days, those are my days the hubs is home with the kids so I can just get lost on some back road i've never ran on before. 

I got home, and I was wiped out, I got in the car and drove my run to distance it.. when i pulled back in my drive way and the distance was 5.1
.. I cried. and cried, and cried.


The weather has been SO nice and unheard of for January up here.
@ 6am this morning it was above 40 degrees- say whaaaat. 

I'm taking the day off from running today.. no running, just gossip girl and my couch. 
& this girly- 
Leeann Bedard

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  1. i love a good ugly cry after busting through something!! that is awesome girl!!! 5 miles is amazing!!!