Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I hit my 40 lb mark!

Ya win some ya lose some, right?
That does not even begin to describe the month that I have had 
from H E double hockey sticks!
But rather then huffing & puffing about everything that went terribly terribly wrong
Let me show you what has gone right..

I hit my 40 lb mark!!!!

I got a raise @ work- they work me SO hard ;)

Day trip to the ice castle!

My daughter knows every word to "beauty & a beat" by Justin Beiber

The hubby & I went ice fishing.. my first time, and yeah I more then 100% wont be back. It was fun.. but not my kind of fun. :)

I need a longer day, any one else feel like this? I work, I run, I hang out with my monsters  kids, cook dinner,  I do bed time, then I melt into the couch with Gossip Girl in my face. 
I guess I could change up my days a bit.. but how much more can a gal do?
I'm so jealous of all these wonder women I stalk on their blogs.. how do they do it?
Until I find out... I guess i'll just keep wishing for more hours in a day. 

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  1. Congratulations! What a huge milestone! I just hit 15lbs lost and can't wait to be at the 40lbs mark! Of course I'm currently eating leftover pizza for lunch... but sometimes a girl needs some melted cheesy goodness! ;) Love reading your blog!