Monday, January 7, 2013

what h20 taught me & a taste of my runs.

What h20 taught me.. 
-you are NOT as hungray as your bottomless pit thought
-it doesn't leave a bad aftertaste like sugary/syrupy drinks
-it makes skin glow (this is not pinterest liesss.. it's truth!)
-peeing more means more time OUT of the office ;)
-it saves you money on your bill @ the restraunt
-its the first step to changing your life to fat->fit
-you can buy all sorts of cute tumblers
 (and your husband cant say anything if you use them all )
-if you have water your germy little kids wont always want to drink it all on you
-and for me, it made something click, it made me realize that my body feels better slowly with little changes.


I have been running in below freezing tundra friggen weather.. 
I cannot wait until sprinnggggg. 

a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do. 


  1. Love your water list, headed to down some water!

    1. Yess! The easiest/best thing to add to a healthy living, yet the one thats usually over looked!

  2. thanks for your comment a while back, sorry i fell off the blogging wagon again :/. but great things you learned!!!

    1. No problem Sonya, I do that sometimes too!

  3. Kudos to you for running outside. I am such a big wuss so I stick to the treadmill.