Monday, November 12, 2012

I do NOT own a cell phone. Is this real life?

I did it, I fianlly didn't totally fuck up a weekend by eating like a trucker.
Acutally, I ran my ass off & took the extra time to plan my meals. 
Last weigh in : 249
                                                                 This morning: 244

So I would LOVE to be one of the people who post what they eat and pictures all the time. But let's be real here.. I DONT have a cell phone, can anyone else believe that? 
My 3 and 6 year old both have ipod touch, and I don't even have a damn trac-phone.
I'm good with that, because when I leave the house nobody can call me, nobody can text me... I am free, and I have time for myself and what i'm doing. 
The hub's and I work opp scheldues for work so if im not at home, im at work, if he's not at home he's at work.. and on weekends, we want time apart so we dont need to talk to eachother. HA!
I acutally use my ipod nano to jog with.. that way im not distracted by taking pictures, answering text's, checking my facebook or planning my next meal on pinterest. 
(That's where my ADD would kick in and i'd forget I was suppose to be running)

Make up by Rylee Mae :)
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Have a great M0nday, you allllllll!

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  1. I love the freedom of a deleted facebook, so i know exactly what you mean! LOL