Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend run & pumpkin carving.

Had a great weekend! Friday night both kids went to seperate grandparents house, so hubby & I got some great alone time!

 Saturday I went for a jog with Jackson (my dog) he never says "no, im too tired" or "lets stop.." he always wags his tail and can't wait to do another mile with me! I have to say when we got him he was 5 weeks old, and I never would have realized how motivated he made me to become a healthier person.. and I can always count on him at the end of the day having overwhelming love for me, skinny or thick. I love you my dog dude! 

Sunday, I did another run.. it felt SO nice to get out both days on a weekend.. I have to say the hub has been a lot more understanding, and stepping up with the kids when I need some pavement time, he even LEFT for a half an hour so I could do Jillian without him there to distract me.. he's learning ;)

We carved pumpkins- mine looks like a 4 year old did it, but hey wahtever... Hub is AmAHHHHHZING at pumpkin carving, he does his free hand, and the kids picked what the wanted he did it up. He's pretty impressive in bed.
Dont mind what I look like, I just got back from a run :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did, wanna know WHY? I hit 249!!!
I'm out of the 250's!!!!!


  1. I love carving pumpkins! They all turned out great :) I'm your newest follower and I'm also having a link-up party on Tuesdays that I would love for you to check out! Hope you'll follow back :)

  2. Aww I love fall time and pumpkins!!! Your family is just tooooo cute!!!! I love it!!