Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 1 of being "best" friends with Jillian

So it begins, I started 30day shred with Jillian. I can feel it this morning... it feels awesome! My 3 year old daughter LOVES to do the video with me, she uses canned veggies as her weights, adorableeees.
Cannot wait to hit it tonight, maybe even TRY to fit in a lite jog.

Lastnight for dinner I had hard boiled eggs and cottage cheese, I think that's my problem.. I almost get brain freeze when it comes to what to cook for dinner for MYSELF, usually I cook my hubby and the 2 kids a "normal" meal, (hubs weighs 150 lbs soaking weight @ 6'0, he would look at me like I had 3 heads if he got served a low cal meal). I'd LOVE to hear from some ladies what you guys cook for dinner!!

and just to brighten up the day*


  1. you've got this! and your daughter is adorable :)

  2. My Hubs is the one that cooks in my house. We make everything we use to make but we change what ingredients we buy. Like... Skinny lasagna rolls. So yummy and 200 calories a piece. A little high but great with a side salad. Look for recipes that interest you and and when you shop make smarter/low calorie choices. Also, portion size helps a lot too. Hope that helps...

    Jillian sucks but I love her too. Her workouts are hard core and awesome!

  3. You'll rock Jillian! Your daughter is so cute. :)

  4. I agree with familyimaid. Just do what you normally do, but change up the ingredients for more low cal/non fat versions! They will never know!