Thursday, October 18, 2012

30DS.. I hate you in the mornings.

Good morning! 2nd day of 30DS & my hips and legs can feel Jillians wrath. 
Went for a mile late evening run lastnight with my workout partner, I mean look at that excitment!!! 

Pre-run & work out... no make up, work outs dont care what I look like ;)

The only fall back issue i'm having is it's so hard to sqeeze my workouts in with my busy evening scheldue, I get home @ 3pm from work, spend an hour with the hubby before he heads to work (we work different shifts- to save on daycare cost, HOLLA!) Sometimes I can talk J (my 6 year old) to ride his bike while I put Ry into the jogging stroller. Ohhh, how I miss solo runs though. Getting my 30DS in, isn't hard because I can do that when the kids go to bed, or hell they LOVE to do it with me, so if i'm not ready to send them to China, I pop the DVD in and take a deep breathe and suck up some patience, and let them "play" my workout video with me. 

Yesterday, I posted on Mama L's fitness club on facebook about all of us ladies sharing blogs, my hubby got home lastnight at midnight, and that's all I could talk about.. so excited to get a little support system going here! (The little things in life*)

Weight Loss since 9/1/12
15 lbs

Weight 10/18/12

Just for all of you, who DON'T live in upstate New York- here is a little taste of our autumn, the scenery of a run :)


  1. I know exactly how it feels to not have enough time in your day! My kids (8 & 5) also like to 'play' workout with me. They had a blast doing some Pop Pilates and I think I laughed so hard, I couldn't even do it with them. Love your tree photo btw! Gotta love Fall!

  2. what a cute blog! i love your NY pic!!!