Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trying to stay on track!

Here it is! Back on the band wagon.. fell off for awhile, still slightly getting in workin' on my fitttness. Starting Jillian 30 day shred TONIGHT! yee-haw. 

Let me introduce myself a little bit first...

My name is LeeAnn, i work at an office, therefore I sit on my ass most of my day. (wah wah wah) I have 2 beautiful children, a 3 year old beautiful itty bitty princess, and a 6 year old energentic ball of fire. 

anddddddd here they are ; look innocent, right? hahahahha...

I have a beyond sexy hub that I wouldn't trade for the world (well most days...) 
andddd here he is; (and me)

Enough about nothing, the weekend was a BLAST, we hit the pumpkin patch and did a 6 mile hike with the kids.... yes the little ones did a 6 mile hike, so proud of them!.. (so proud of myself ahem)

That is all.. pretty excited to start my own blog, after stalking my fave's for awhile! 

oh, cannot forget about my main kanine in my lifey
My dude, Jackson our 11 month old Shepard.

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  1. You have a beautiful family! Good luck on your weight loss journey and thanks for sharing it with us!