Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Plankin' Bizzness.

Lets be honest here, I have NEVER done a plank until this morning.. and I died, I mean d.i.e.d. I could hold it for 12 seconds.... say whatttt? It looks SO easy... suprise! It's not.Some of these girls on here that I stalk, I mean follow make it look SO easy. That is what I WANT to do, I want to make it look easy! I will start taking pictures of my "planking" tonight...


In other news;

Who says sleepovers with your little sister aren't fun??

'Tis the season..

Ry's hair salon for horses & ponies of course


  1. Way to go on the plank! Thanks for joining in and sharing it!

  2. Yay on joining in on the planking! And can I just say that your kids are so stinking cute! Love the picture of them cozied up in front of the TV. Adorable.